PTFE Thermowells

Our range of PTFE thermowells are ideally suited to applications which require resistance to attack from virtually all known chemicals, oils and fluids, for use with 6mm diameter stainless steel sheathed thermocouple or Pt100 sensors. Used in applications where the removal of the sensor could prove complicated such as in a vessel, pipe or tank. They are 12mm O.D. and are available with a 1/2 inch BSP taper process entry thread and 1/4 inch BSP parallel sensor entry thread. Use a 1/4 in BSP PTFE fitting (or stainless steel if clear of the difficult environment) to attach the sensor to the thermowell.
  • Available in 80mm, 230mm, 430mm and 930mm insertion lengths for use respectively with 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 1000mm long temperature sensors
  • Sheath material: PTFE
  • Male Thread: 1/2 inch BSPT
  • Female Thread: 1/4 inch BSPP
  • Operating range: -75°C to 250°C
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The following types are available:
PTFE Thermowell For Use With 6mm Sensors
Order Code Description 1 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 19 Buy
784-668 80mm insertion for 150mm long sensors £29.15 £25.70 £22.70 Add
784-676 230mm insertion for 300mm long sensors £33.70 £30.20 £27.20 Add
784-684 430mm insertion for 500mm long sensors £132.60 £126.30 £111.30 Add
784-692 930mm insertion for 1000mm long sensors £312.00 £275.00 £237.00 Add
876-300 1/4 in BSPT PTFE fitting to suit a 6mm sensor £10.30 £9.55 £8.70 Add
875-491 1/4 in BSPT stainless steel fitting to suit a 6mm sensor £6.20 £5.80 £5.40 Add
784-100 Standard Heat Transfer Compound - 35ml (130°C) £13.80 £12.80 £11.50 Add
784-150 Plus Heat Transfer Compound - 50ml (200°C) £40.30 £38.30 £34.00 Add